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Impact of COVID-19 on Michigan Catholic Conference

Updated: April 2, 2020


Michigan Catholic Conference continues to conduct its day-to-day business in the mist of the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff are teleworking from their homes and the status of MCC is open and available to assist with questions from participants and employees. We continue to receive and monitor all local, state and federal guidelines and orders to ensure the safety of employees. Bookkeepers, employees, clergy, or other benefit eligible individuals should feel comfortable contacting MCC. Phone calls are being answered, emails are being responded to, and any and all questions will receive a response. Please be assured of our prayers for the health and safety of all employees and their loved ones.

How to Reach MCC

Information for Bookkeepers

The information below was forwarded to parish bookkeepers and business managers on Friday, March 13, 2020. It has also been posted to Bookkeeper Self-Serve under the Recent Communications tab:

The MCC Benefits Team is continually receiving updated information from the State of Michigan, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19.

We’d like to share with you information we have at this point related to medical plan coverage for those who may need to be tested for the virus, how the new LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program can provide assistance with coping strategies, Blue Cross Blue Shield’s new telemedicine benefit that allows for virtual doctor appointments, and policies related to MCC’s Short-Term Disability program.

Health Plans: PPO1, PPO2 and PPOHD

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has made the following temporary benefit changes to our BCBSM medical plans:

  • MCC medical plans through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan will cover COVID-19 treatment (excluding prescription drugs) at no cost share through June 30, 2020.
  • MCC medical plans are fully covering the cost (including cost share) of medically necessary COVID-19 tests that are prescribed to our members by their physicians, following CDC guidelines.
  • MCC medical plans are waiving prior authorizations for diagnostic tests and for covered services related to COVID-19 that are medically necessary, if the physician follows the CDC guidelines in prescribing the test.

Blue Cross Online™/TeleMedicine Visits

The MCC’s Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan medical plans include coverage for Blue Cross Online Visits™. Blue Cross Online Visits™ allows employees and family members enrolled in an MCC medical plan to meet virtually with a physician. This is not a temporary benefit for use during the virus outbreak; it is a benefit offered by Blue Cross available to those who receive the MCC Medical Plan benefit. The use of virtual care benefits and the Blue Cross online visits can assist in the current virus climate. MCC encourages use of the new Blue Cross Online that covers online doctor visits. Seeking virtual consultations for flu-like symptoms is a safe step for members who want to talk with board-certified doctors and can help avoid the spread of illness in physician office and emergency room settings. Blue Cross Online Visits (BCOV) is well-positioned to be a “front door” to coronavirus management for our members. Through conversation, public information, and a webinar, American Well (the vendor supporting BCOV) has informed us that:

  • Telemedicine office visit copays have been suspended through June 30, 2020.
  • Their doctors are trained in accordance to CDC guidelines to screen patients, assign risk, answer questions, and recommend the next steps a patient should take.
  • They coordinate with local providers and public health authorities.
  • Internal protocol dictates that upon referring a patient to in-person care, the AmWell clinician will provide the name, address, and location of a clinic to the patient.
  • Then the AmWell doctor will contact the brick-and-mortar clinic to alert them of pending arrival of a patient, with directions on how to quarantine the patient.
  • AmWell will also report the referral to public health authorities.

AmWell has created:

  • An infection control officer
  • A reporting and follow-up team
  • A COVID-19 leadership and readiness team
  • Among other responsibilities, this team is tasked with monitoring demand and adjusting staffing accordingly to minimize wait times.

LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program

LifeWorks offers a COVID-19 Toolkit and other resources in protecting your well-being and coping with emotional stress during the outbreak. The platform includes short videos, tutorials and medically relevant information for those interested in additional resources. More information about logging onto the LifeWorks EAP platform is available at

Short-Term Disability

The MCC Short Term Disability Plan would pay benefits on a covered employee missing work due to illness but will not cover time-off due to workplace closure or quarantine absent any illness. As always, STD claims are based on a physician statement of illness or injury and according to plan provisions. Please check with your diocesan Human Resources office for more information in case of closure.

Business Continuity at MCC

Updated April 2, 2020

As the individual dioceses in the state continue to abide by state and federal guidelines and orders, MCC is doing the same to provide for its employees’ health and safety. Our employees are teleworking from home and are able to carry out their respective job functions. MCC operations will continue as phone-calls are being answered, emails are being responded to, and any and all questions about benefits, retirement, or risk management will receive a response.

Where to go for Information on COVID-19

We encourage you and your employees to check the Centers for Disease Control website for information.

For more information on MCC Benefits please visit our website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information provided here please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or 800-395-5565.

Michigan Catholic Conference
(800) 395-5565
(517) 372-3940
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