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His Eminence Adam Cardinal Maida: Chairman, Michigan Catholic Conference, 1990–2009

The culture keeps modifying itself and the Michigan Catholic Conference keeps giving us answers to the questions of the day. They keep giving us a direction which has a religious and spiritual dimension. Somebody has to be there to advocate for those who have no voice, and the Michigan Catholic Conference is a voice of the people on so many issues.

For nearly nineteen years, His Eminence Adam Cardinal Maida has shepherded the public policy voice of the Catholic Church in Michigan by providing sterling leadership, insightful guidance and providential wisdom on many critically important public policy issues. Cardinal Maida has also overseen tremendous advances and groundbreaking technological improvements in the Conference’s service programs operation division. The time line below represents significant achievements that the Michigan Catholic Conference Board of Directors has experienced, with gratitude for the leadership, guidance and wisdom of its chairman, Adam Cardinal Maida.

June 2008
Preparing to defend the sanctity of all human life in Michigan, the Board of Directors approves an internal Catholic education program to defeat Proposal 2, a constitutional amendment that seeks to expand human embryo destructive research in the state. Educational materials are distributed to all parishes while the Conference joins the official ballot question committee opposed to Proposal 2, Michigan Citizens Against Unrestricted Science and Experimentation (MiCAUSE).
June 2007
The Board of Directors approves a statewide education program titled “The Science of Stem Cells: Finding Cures and Protecting Life,” which is implemented across the state. Every registered Catholic household in Michigan receives a letter signed by the seven diocesan bishops, a DVD and a brochure, while every parish is sent informational material for Respect Life Sunday. The program conveys the Church’s support for adult stem cell research while opposing embryonic stem cell research.
April 2007
The Bishops of Michigan compose a statement in support of federal comprehensive immigration reform that is sent to every parish in the state. The statement, also written in Spanish, calls on Congress to incorporate three principles in any legislation that addresses immigration reform: permit the prompt reunification of families, open a path toward the legalization of undocumented workers currently living and working in the United States, and create an efficient system for the future entrance of temporary workers as well as permanent legal residents.
August 2006
The Board of Directors takes a strong position in support of affirmative action by opposing a constitutional amendment that would prohibit the policy in the State of Michigan.
May 2006
Guidelines for End of Life Decisions: Patient, Physician, and Family & the Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, is revised and made available statewide.
March 2006
A special tribute is paid to Cardinal Maida and the Board of Directors through Words of Gratitude, a bound collection of appreciative notes from church retirees acknowledging the receipt of an extra pension disbursement for Christmas 2005.
A Vision, A Voice, A Presence: A History of the First Forty Years of the Michigan Catholic Conference publishes.
October 2004
The Bishops of Michigan send to every Catholic household in the state a letter in support of Proposal 2, a constitutional amendment solidifying marriage as between one man and one woman.
November 2003
A 12-minute video titled Action on Behalf of Justice is commissioned to honor the Conference’s 40-year anniversary.
September 2003
We’re All in This Together, an open letter from Cardinal Maida, writing as Chairman of the MCC Board of Directors, to the citizens and elected officials of Michigan regarding the Legal Birth Definition Act, publishes in seven of the state’s largest daily newspapers.
March 2003
Cardinal Maida presides at a ceremony blessing the Conference’s new location at 510 South Capitol Avenue. Board members, staff, local and statewide elected officials and other dignitaries are in attendance.
July 2001
The Bishops of Michigan compose Statement on Native Peoples of Michigan.
June 2001
Cardinal Maida leads the groundbreaking ceremony held at the Conference’s new location.
June 2000
The Bishops of Michigan publish A Just Beginning for All: A Series of Messages on Education from the Bishops of Michigan.
June 1999
The Board of Directors approves participation in a ballot question committee seeking to gain support for a school voucher program in the state.
March 1999
The Board of Directors approves an updated Statement on the Death Penalty.
September 1997
The Board of Directors approves an educational campaign regarding assisted suicide, which includes the video Assisted Suicide: The Catholic Perspective: Faith Unto Life, Hope Unto Death, Love Unto Eternal Life.
Living and Dying According to the Voice of Faith: A Pastoral Letter to the Catholics of the State of Michigan publishes. The pastoral letter preceded an education plan to defeat a ballot proposal that sought to legalize assisted suicide in Michigan.
The Board of Directors approves a new mission statement that will guide the Conference’s work for many years to come.
December 1995
Cardinal Maida, writing as Chairman of the MCC Board of Directors, pens a letter to the Michigan congressional delegation regarding federal welfare reform.
March 1995
The Board of Directors approve a feasibility study to ascertain the benefits of developing communication via e-mail between the Michigan Catholic Conference and the (arch)dioceses of the state, and to determine what equipment, training and funding would be necessary. This approval lays the foundation for Areopagus, a statewide network that will later connect electronically most Catholic institutions.
The Boards of Directors releases Statement on Welfare Reform.
December 1994
The Board of Directors honors Adam Cardinal Maida with a resolution to celebrate his elevation to the College of Cardinals.
September 1994
Archbishop Maida celebrates over the blessing of the Conference’s newly renovated building at 505 North Capitol Avenue.
Archbishop Maida announces the appointment of Sr. Monica Kostielney, RSM, as the President and CEO of the newly restructured Michigan Catholic Conference.
June 1994
The Board of Directors approves a resolution proclaiming 1994 as the Michigan International Year of the Family.
September 1993
Archbishop Maida, in an effort to bring to the legislature the Catholic perspective on the dignity of human life as it relates to euthanasia, testifies before the Michigan Commission on Death and Dying. The legislature created the commission to study the issue of assisted suicide and to make recommendations regarding state policy on the topic.
March 1993
The Board of Directors publishes Statement on Euthanasia.
The Board of Directors publishes Statement on the “Freedom of Choice Act of 1993.”
September 1991
The Michigan Catholic Conference Education Committee presents Archbishop Maida with a resolution commending his role in establishing “value-laden” schools for the poor in the city of Detroit.
March 1991
The Board of Directors approves its statement, A Call to Solidarity with the Vulnerable Citizens of Michigan.
September 1990
Archbishop Adam Maida attends his first Michigan Catholic Conference Board of Directors meeting. According to Conference by-laws, the archbishop of Detroit perpetually serves as chairman of the board, which also includes the diocesan bishops, five laypersons, one woman religious and one diocesan priest.
The Board of Directors approves and adopts its instructional document, Guidelines on Lobbying and Electoral Politics for Pastors and Parishes that pertains to permissible electoral activity.
Michigan Catholic Conference
(800) 395-5565
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