Employee Benefits

The Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) Employee Benefits Department (EBD) administers various benefit programs for participating parishes and schools. These parishes and schools are associated with or under the control of the Roman Catholic Dioceses of the Ecclesiastical Province of Detroit. Individuals who may be covered include lay employees and diocesan clergy, as well as certain religious community members.

The programs offered by the MCC EBD include:

  • Lay Employees’ Retirement Plan
  • Medical/Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Flexible Benefit Plan
  • 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan


The MCC Finance Division is responsible for the control and oversight of the finances of the Michigan Catholic Conference. This includes among other things financial reporting, budgeting, investment monitoring, billings, cash receipts and cash disbursements.

Information Systems and Services

The Michigan Catholic Conference Information Systems and Services department provides technology resources that support the mission of the organization through the following goals:

  • Providing “excellence-level” service.
  • Continuously seeking out opportunities where technology can assist in achieving current and future organizational initiatives.
  • Implementing systems that foster greater overall cohesiveness, and identify methods to bring greater efficiencies to business processes.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity thru enhanced technology education.

For computer or technology assistance, please contact the MCC Help Desk at (800) 395-5565, ext. 3800 or

Public Policy

The Michigan Catholic Conference was founded in 1963 as the public policy voice of the Catholic Church in Michigan. The MCC serves in this capacity so that the Catholic Church’s position on public policy matters may be presented with one voice to the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government.

Michigan Catholic Conference public policy staff assists the bishops of the seven Roman Catholic Dioceses in the State of Michigan by giving witness to Gospel values in public affairs. Under the direction of the MCC Board of Directors, the MCC will:

  • Take positions on public policies and programs affecting the common good of all Michigan citizens and the interests of Catholics.
  • Speak for the Roman Catholic Church in Michigan before all branches of state government and before groups concerned with social policy.
  • Identify needs in areas of morality, health, welfare, education, religious freedom, human and civil rights, and determine ways to meet those needs.
  • Foster public understanding of the Church’s teaching on social issues.

The Church has a unique role in the political life of society. While confusion and controversy often surround the participation of religious groups in public life, it is clear that major issues have moral dimensions and religious values have significant public consequences. Spirituality and politics are distinct, but they are not separable. The Catholic community brings to the public debate its rich tradition of service to the poor, education of the young, and care for the sick in its pursuit of a just society.

Risk Management and Claims Services

The Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) Risk Management and Claims Services Department administers the Protected Loss Fund Program. Through the Program, (Arch)diocesan parishes, schools and institutions within the Ecclesiastical Province of Detroit obtain protection from loss of property, workers’ compensation, automobile and third party liability exposures. In addition, the Risk Management and Claims Services Department administers the many programs listed below.