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Michigan voters support long-standing regulations on abortion.

Polling Indicates Wide Voter Support for Restrictions on Abortion

Data Show Majority of Pro-Choice and Prop 3 Voters Support Parental Consent, Safety Standards

The legislative majority and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer would be going against the will of Michigan voters — and for the Governor, her own stated position — if legislation advances to remove the requirement that parents give consent for their children to undergo abortion, according to polling data released today by Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC). Read more…

A pensive-looking mother holding her young child against her chest with the child's head over her shoulder.

Legislative Majority to Impose Abortion Mandate on Michigan Employers

Proposal 3 voters did not ask for legislation that equates abortion to childbirth

Michigan Catholic Conference responded with strong opposition to the legislative majority’s approval of Senate Bill 147, which would create an abortion mandate on employers in Michigan. MCC notes in its statement that it is wrong to push employers into providing employee benefits related to abortion if they offer paid maternity leave or insurance coverage for childbirth, and that the premise of equating childbirth to abortion offends human dignity. Read more…

A pregnant young woman with the potential to be affected by the repeal of laws protecting women from dangerous abortion practices.

Governor, Legislature Repeal Laws Protecting Women from Dangerous Abortion Practices

Bills signed into law today include repeal of criminal penalty for death of a woman during an abortion, removal of protections against unregulated abortion practices

Legislation signed into law today by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer that has been portrayed as simply repealing Michigan’s abortion ban in reality goes much further by removing criminal penalties for killing a woman during an abortion and removing protections against unregulated abortion practices, according to this press release issued by the Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC)…

A hand preparing to close the door on a gun safe, thus locking a rifle inside.

Gun Safety Legislation Headed to Governor Will ‘Help Save Lives’

MCC Encourages Continued Efforts to Reduce Violence in Society

MCC applauded the House and Senate for passing legislation this week that requires the safe storage of guns in homes and expands background checks on the purchase of all guns, and expressed hope that the conversation around gun safety and awareness of the violence in society will lead to a greater appreciation for the value of all human life and the dignity that every person possesses from his or her conception as a child of God. Read more…

A young woman holding her child as they both gaze into the distance.

Michigan Employers Forced to Pay for Abortions in Bill Fast-Tracked by State Senate

Legislation Goes Beyond Roe, Stated Intent of Proposal 3 in Requiring Employers to Treat Elective Abortions, Pregnancy the Same

A majority of Michigan lawmakers are quickly moving a bill to force employers to pay for elective abortions as part of their employee benefit plans, a clear violation of the constitutionally protected rights of conscience for individuals, employers, and faith-based institutions and yet another example of continued abortion extremism in the Legislature. Read more…

A angel carvel from marble, wings spread and holding a crucifix.

Michigan House Votes to Allow Discrimination Against Religious Communities

Faith-Based Organizations Believing in Gender Differences and Traditional Marriage Likely to be Targeted

The Michigan House of Representatives voted to amend the state’s civil rights act that will likely create a right to target religious organizations for their teachings, beliefs and practices related to traditional marriage and biological gender differences, Michigan Catholic Conference stated after the vote. Read more…

The interior of a Catholic church, blurred for artistic effect.

Senate Fails to Include Religious Protections in Changes to Civil Rights Law

Michigan Catholic Conference expressed disappointment today with the Senate voting to pass legislation that adds new categories to the state’s civil rights law without an amendment that protects religious organizations from discrimination, which MCC believes will lead to targeting of faith-based social service, educational and charitable organizations, and force small non-profit religious organizations into lengthy litigation in state courts. Read more…

The Michigan State Capitol building on a sunny day.

Catholic Conference Releases Blueprint for 2023–24 Legislative Session

Measures that Protect All Human Life, Education Policy and Religious Liberty Further Drive MCC’s ‘Blueprint for the Common Good’

Enacting common sense gun safety measures, increasing access to affordable homes, and allowing undocumented immigrants and refugees to obtain driver’s licenses are among the measures Michigan Catholic Conference will pursue this legislative session. As outlined in Blueprint for the Common Good, the Conference’s policy document for the 2023—24 Michigan legislative session that was released today. Read more…

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