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A mother and her two children sitting on a park bench.

MCC Praises Unanimous SCOTUS Decision to Protect Religious Liberty Rights

Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously 9–0 in Fulton vs. City of Philadelphia that faith-based agencies providing child placement services in the public square with fidelity to their religious teachings are constitutional exercises and, as such, may continue providing those services within their faith tradition. Michigan Catholic Conference is praising the Court’s protection of religious liberty rights and is grateful for the work of faith-based agencies, Catholic Charities in particular, for their Gospel-mandated mission to exercise their ‘love of neighbor’ toward poor and vulnerable persons. Read more…

The front of a school building in spring

MCC Applauds Senate for Catholic School Funding

Michigan Catholic Conference is expressing its gratitude to the Michigan Senate today for passing legislation that appropriates some $87 million in federal dollars to assist Catholic and other nonpublic schools in the state with costs associated with the COVID pandemic. Read more…

Four children wearing protective masks and school uniforms walking in single file

Legislature Urged to Fund Health and Safety Program for Nonpublic Schools

MCC Hopeful Biden Administration Will Allocate Federal EANS Dollars to Michigan for COVID-Related Nonpublic School Expenses

Following the Fiscal Year 2022 Executive Budget Recommendation presentation before state lawmakers, Michigan Catholic Conference is encouraging the Legislature to appropriate funding to reimburse nonpublic schools for complying with health and safety requirements mandated by the State of Michigan, as Governor Whitmer’s budget proposal does not fund the existing policy. At the same time, MCC is hopeful that $86 million in federal dollars will be approved shortly to assist Michigan nonpublic schools with COVID-related expenses. Read more…

A young girl raises her hand to answer a question in a classroom full of students

Michigan Supreme Court Upholds Appropriation to Nonpublic Schools

Court of Claims Must Now Finalize Review in Light of Court of Appeals’ Previous Ruling

The Michigan Supreme Court on Dec. 28 issued a split 3-3 ruling that will require the state Court of Claims to finalize review of a now-constitutional state appropriation that reimburses nonpublic schools for costs associated with state-mandated health and safety mandates. Michigan Catholic Conference has supported the reimbursement policy for at least three legislative sessions and is now encouraging the Court of Claims to move quickly in order for the funds to be reimbursed. Read more…

A young boy drinking water directly from the kitchen faucet

Michigan Strengthens Water Protections for Citizens

Legislation Will Ensure State Residents Do Not Lose Access to a Basic Human Right

Legislation that would prohibit public water suppliers from shutting off water to residents for nonpayment has been signed into law and will protect residents through March 3, 2021. Michigan Catholic Conference supported the measure, sponsored by Senator Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) as it moved through the legislative process. According to a release from MCC after the bill was enacted, “The new Act will ensure that no Michigan resident, particularly those who are low-income or facing imminent financial hardship, will lose the ability to wash, drink, or cook for their family during the ongoing pandemic.” Read more…

A smiling teacher helps one of her students with a tablet

‘Blaine Amendment’ Should Not Exclude Health and Safety Protections for All Students

Oral Arguments Before Michigan Supreme Court Urge Equal Protection for Students Enrolled in Michigan’s Nonpublic Schools

The Michigan Supreme Court will hear oral arguments this afternoon regarding a state policy supported by MCC to reimburse nonpublic schools for dozens of state-mandated expenses that include protections for safe water, lock-down training and immunization records, among others. At issue is whether or not Article 8, Section 2 of the Michigan Constitution (known as the “Blaine Amendment”) approved at the ballot in 1970 allows for the state to reimburse nonpublic schools for expenses unrelated to education, instruction or curriculum. Read more…

A young girl wearing a school uniform and protective mask sits in class while her teacher writes “Back to school” on the chalkboard.

Governor’s Veto of Health and Safety Line-Item Neither Just Nor Fair

Today Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed from the state’s 2020–2021 fiscal year budget a $100 placeholder that would fund an appropriation to reimburse nonpublic schools for health and safety regulations mandated by the State of Michigan. Michigan Catholic Conference responded with the comments below, stating that while the veto was expected, “just and fair, it certainly was not.” Read more…

Michigan Catholics Launch Civilize It Advertising

TV Ads Encourage Residents, Catholics to Pledge Civility, Clarity, and Compassion

As the level of civility and respect for others with differing opinions has diminished with each passing political campaign season, Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) has undertaken an advertising effort encouraging Catholics and residents of the state to pledge civility, clarity, and compassion when discussing and debating candidates and politics. To promote the nonpartisan Civilize It effort, a one-minute television commercial featuring a diverse range of Catholics taking the pledge has been produced and will begin to run today in various television markets across Michigan. Read more…

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