The Word from Lansing

The Word from Lansing is a regular column written by Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) staff for Catholic news outlets. Through these columns, MCC outlines current advocacy issues of importance to the Conference and discusses the Catholic position and role in the political process. This publication complements the more regular updates provided by Michigan Catholic Conference’s Catholic Advocacy Network.

    How Catholics Can Respond to Gun Violence

    Closeup of a woman's hands shielding a lit candle during a candlelight vigil.

    The sheer impact of gun violence on human life should demand a response from Catholics, and MCC’s latest edition of Focus explains and clarifies how lay and ordained Catholics can support gun policies in the interest of protecting human life, with the goal to keep guns from people who may cause harm to themselves or others.

    What’s Next After Proposal 3 Approval? Make Abortion Unthinkable

    A mother holding her baby against her chest.

    While the approval of Proposal 3 presents a major challenge to securing the legal protection of the unborn in Michigan, it does not have to inhibit the Church’s mission to make abortion unthinkable by working to support mothers and families facing difficult pregnancies. In this Word from Lansing column, we lay out why this approach can achieve the goals sought by the pro-life movement to protect the unborn and uphold the dignity of all human life.

    What Abortion Proposal Supporters Won’t Tell You

    No Proposal 3—Too Confusing, Too Extreme

    Proposal 3 has been framed as just ensuring abortion is legal like it was before Roe was struck down. But voters need to know that it is not simply making sure abortion is legal in a post-Roe Michigan. In this Word From Lansing, we explain how the proposal goes much further and allows abortion for any woman or girl at any point in the pregnancy for any reason — and then some.

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