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The Word from Lansing

The Word from Lansing is a regular column written by Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) staff for Catholic news outlets. Through these columns, MCC outlines current advocacy issues of importance to the Conference and discusses the Catholic position and role in the political process. This publication complements the more regular updates provided by Michigan Catholic Conference’s Catholic Advocacy Network.

An elderly woman receives the COVID-19 vaccine from her health practitioner

COVID-19 Vaccines and Moral Considerations

Over the past ten months, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed life for people across the globe, impacting physical health, emotional well-being, and economic outcomes for families and businesses. In 2021, many are feeling optimistic with vaccines for COVID-19 becoming available, including two from Pfizer and Moderna. The Catholic bishops of Michigan recently commented on the importance of vaccinations for public health and addressed moral questions that are facing Catholics about the vaccines that are available. Read more…

A young girl washing her hands in a bathroom sink

Water Shutoffs Are a Health Concern in COVID-19 Pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, communities have recognized the important role water plays in protecting community health. As a result, Michigan implemented early pauses to water shutoffs throughout the state through an executive order, especially to encourage and facilitate frequent handwashing. State lawmakers passed legislation, which MCC supported, to again implement this temporary assistance measure for residents. Read more…

A mother smiles at her daughter, holding her on her lap in a park

Catholics Emboldened to Fight Abuse, Encourage Healing

Within the Catholic Church, all are called to care for one another and to protect one another from harm. Sadly, a recent report released by the Vatican about abuse reminds of the need to be vigilant. In light of the report’s release, MCC has written a new column to share many of the protocols that have been implemented in the Church over the past two decades to protect against and to report incidents of abuse. MCC’s Word from Lansing column also calls leaders and lay members to action, as all are needed in the work to create safe environments. Read more…

Voters standing in line, waiting to vote in front of an American flag

This Election, Let’s Vote, then Act

On Tuesday, November 3, Michiganders will participate in the 2020 Election. The Church does not endorse candidates, but it highlights the Catholic responsibility to be active in the public realm, including through voting. As Catholics consider their voting choices, they are called to consider candidate positions on a wide range of issues important to the common good, while also weighing each according to its moral importance. As the U.S. bishops outline, all issues do not bear the same moral weight on one’s conscience. Read more…

A group of three young people discussing politics while sitting outside

Promote Civility, Love Others, and Build Community This Election

Together, people of faith have the opportunity to elevate the tone of political discussions and contribute to a greater sense of civility this election season. The Word from Lansing column for September addresses the importance of committing to such actions, especially through the nonpartisan Civilize It campaign. It also highlights resources to help Catholics prepare for voting, including ten insights from Catholic saints that apply to action in the public realm. Read more…

A father helping his daughter with her homework

During Challenges, the Church Calls for Faith

Over the summer, Michiganders have faced many challenges. Recent circumstances have highlighted the need for continued advocacy, especially regarding the concerns of those who are vulnerable or struggling in society. In The Word from Lansing for August, MCC shares why faith and action are critical in supporting the state’s women and children, assisting nonpublic school families, and fighting against expansions to the payday lending system. Read more…

A smiling mother and father and their two children walk along a nature trail

Reflecting on Care for Our Common Home

In May, Catholics celebrated the five-year anniversary of Pope Francis’s encyclical, Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home. The document called for people of faith to respect the dignity of nature and of all living creatures. The Word from Lansing column highlights several themes articulated in the encyclical, their relevance today, and resources to help Michigan Catholics live out this teaching. Read more…

An illustration of diverse Michigan residents all wearing protective face masks

Living Care for One Another

Over the past few months, federal and state lawmakers have passed a variety of aid packages in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These bills have included support for hospitals, food assistance, unemployment benefits, schools, and small businesses, among other aspects. The Word from Lansing for May explains the recent legislation, as well as encourages Michiganders to reflect upon their shared responsibility for one another. Read more…

Civilize It: Dignity Beyond the Debate

This Election Season, Civilize It

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has reemphasized the importance of civility and actions that care for one another. Leading up to the November election, Catholics will have many additional opportunities to exercise civility and care as they engage in discussions that are critical for the country. This election season, the U.S. bishops encourage participation in “Civilize It,” a nonpartisan campaign to treat all with dignity and kindness. Read more…

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