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Supreme Court Decision in Favor of Trinity Will ‘Widen the Space for Conversation’

The United States Supreme Court ruled 7–2 in the case of Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer that the State of Missouri’s policy to prevent state grant funding for playground equipment at a Lutheran preschool was, in the words of Chief Justice John Roberts, “odious to our Constitution.” Michigan Catholic Conference strongly supports the majority opinion, which strikes down an inherently discriminatory practice that punished a school for its religious mission. Following the ruling on Monday, June 26, MCC President and CEO Paul Long offered comments regarding the decision and how that decision may relate to a case moving through the Michigan courts. Read more…

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MCC Comments on Religious Liberty Executive Order

Today’s Executive Order, reported to offer broad protections from (HHS) burdensome mandates, begins to return a greater tolerance of religious beliefs and practices than has been present in recent years. As the presence of an Executive Order on this topic affirms, the freedom for religious institutions to serve others and to express and practice — not just worship — one’s religious convictions is a fundamental element of both American society and constitutional law. Read more…

Television Advertising Underway Promoting the Freedom to Serve

Television commercials now running across Michigan are highlighting the Catholic Church’s freedom to serve others through its charitable, health care, and educational entities, Michigan Catholic Conference has announced. The Freedom to Serve commercials address the right for Catholic organizations to provide services to the general public in accordance with their faith-based mission, without unnecessary or burdensome intervention from the state or federal government. “This advertising project aims to reinforce the notion that faith-based health care, charitable, and educational entities here in the state are an inclusive and diverse component of our local communities that serve all in the spirit of ‘loving thy neighbor,’” said MCC President and CEO Paul Long. Read more…

David Maluchnik Promoted to Michigan Catholic Conference VP of Communications

Michigan Catholic Conference’s Director of Communications, David Maluchnik, has been promoted to Vice President of Communications. In this role, Maluchnik will continue to manage the communications work of the Conference and will also oversee the Information Technology Department. “Our organization is thankful for Dave’s hard work and service for over a decade, and I look forward to the critical role he will play in the organization’s administration through this new position,” says MCC President and CEO Paul A. Long. Read more…

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State Funding for Nonpublic Schools Moves Forward

This morning the Michigan Supreme Court denied Governor Rick Snyder’s request for an advisory opinion regarding Section 152b of the State of Michigan’s 2016-2017 education spending budget. Section 152b appropriates $2.5 million to reimburse nonpublic schools for expenses associated with completing health and safety mandates required by the State. Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) offered the following response: “It is important to note that despite the Court’s denial of the advisory opinion, it did not find the funding unconstitutional as the opponents had argued, meaning the appropriation will continue and nonpublic schools are entitled to funding. Read more…

Advocates of legislation to grant undocumented persons driver’s licenses gather on the steps of the State Capitol Tuesday, September 20, 2016

MCC Advocates for Immigrant Legislation

Denying an undocumented resident of the state access to a driver’s license not only harms the dignity of that person but also makes life’s daily routines excessively difficult, Michigan Catholic Conference said on Tuesday, September 20th during a press event in Lansing on the steps of the State Capitol. The event included State Representatives Harvey Santana (D-Detroit) and Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit), MCC and several organizations that support policies that improve the lives of immigrants. Read more…

MCC Responds to State Board of Education Vote

Earlier this year, the State Board of Education developed voluntary guidelines regarding learning environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students. Michigan Catholic Conference submitted public comments to the Board’s initial draft in May. On Wednesday, September 14, the Board of Education approved a final version of its document by a 6-2 vote. MCC has issued a statement after the vote opposing the guidance. Read more…

Raise the Age Legislation Seeks a ‘Smart’ Approach to Juvenile Crime

Michigan would join 41 other states in the country that no longer automatically prosecute 17-year-olds as adults for a crime committed, according to legislation before the House Criminal Justice Committee supported by Michigan Catholic Conference. The multi-bill package, which would also prohibit juveniles from being housed with adult prisoners, is supported by both Republicans and Democrats and pursues a “smart on crime” approach to criminal justice. This legislation takes into account U.S. Supreme Court decisions such as Roper v. Simmons, Graham v. Florida, and Miller v. Alabama, which recognize academic and scientific research showing the differences in cognitive development between juveniles and adults. The legislation also seeks to provide greater rehabilitation services to youth who have committed crimes. “Where possible, efforts should be made to rehabilitate juvenile offenders and present an opportunity for youth to positively contribute to their communities upon release,” said Michigan Catholic Conference Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy Tom Hickson. Read more…

Catholic Church in Michigan Stands Ready to Assist Refugees

This past weekend following the terrorist attacks overseas Governor Rick Snyder issued a directive suspending Michigan’s effort to accept new refugees to the state. Gov. Snyder highlighted his priority to “protect the safety of our residents” and that state leaders will be in dialogue with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security regarding security and future resettlement efforts. Michigan Catholic Conference President and CEO Paul A. Long responded today to the Governor’s direction by articulating the Church's readiness to continue assisting refugees and the most vulnerable once resettlement continues. Read more…

U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Non-Profit Arguments Against HHS Mandate

This afternoon the United States Supreme Court announced it has agreed to hear arguments from non-profit religious organizations opposed to the mandated requirements of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to include morally objectionable services — including abortifacients and contraceptives — in their employee health benefit plan. As a separate litigant against the federal government on this matter, Michigan Catholic Conference offered the following response to today’s news from the Supreme Court: “We are very pleased that the nation’s highest court will hear from non-profit organizations as to how their First Amendment rights are being violated by this burdensome mandate. Michigan Catholic Conference looks forward to the day this matter is resolved in a manner that fully protects the rights of faith-based institutions to operate according to their conscience.” Read more…

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