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Human Life and Dignity

God created mankind in his image

The Catholic Church is present in society to assist humankind through life’s many challenges: supporting expecting mothers during unexpected or difficult pregnancies, assisting parents through foster placements and adoptions, and helping the elderly or infirm with terminal illnesses and end-of-life care. MCC will support policies this legislative session that uplift and protect the dignity of human life, especially the unborn and those marginalized by economic challenges. MCC will also encourage policies that care for vulnerable women and families, mitigate violence, seek greater racial understanding, and promote life-affirming palliative care. The Conference further supports:

  • Policies that recognize the value of every person’s life from conception to natural death.
  • Policy initiatives and pregnancy care programs that provide and expand alternatives to abortion, as well as assist pregnant and parenting women with prenatal, postpartum, and adoption services.
  • Measures to eliminate abortion and promote the health and safety of women.
  • Prohibiting or regulating research policies which violate the dignity of the human person and the sanctity of human life.
  • Policies that seek to reduce violence in society, including the reduction of gun violence.
  • Upholding the constitutional ban on the death penalty and the statutory ban on assisted suicide.
  • Policies that expand and improve end-of-life care through a person’s natural death.
  • Policies that support the authentic nature of the human person and recognize the inherent biological differences between males and females.
  • Policies that address racial injustice and promote racial harmony.

“Human life is always sacred and always ‘of quality.’ There is no human life that is more sacred than another.” — Pope Francis, 11/15/14

News Releases

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  4. Former Michigan Congressman Dale Kildee Remembered As ‘A Man of Deep Faith, a Dedicated Advocate for Education’ (10/14/21)
  5. Catholic Conference Welcomes House Resolution in Support of Welcoming Afghan Refugees to Michigan (10/05/21)

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MCC in the News

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Michigan Catholic Conference
(800) 395-5565
(517) 372-3940
510 South Capitol Avenue
Lansing, Michigan 48933
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