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    Focus: On Mission to Protect and Heal

    Front cover of MCC’s Focus publication, “On Mission to Protect and Heal”

    The latest edition of MCC’s Focus publication shares how the Catholic Church in Michigan works to protect children and prevent abuse. In this edition, meet the dedicated professionals working for the Church who oversee safe environment programs for parishes and schools, as well as the victim assistance coordinators who serve abuse survivors and assist them with the resources they need to heal. Read and watch this edition of Focus to learn how the Church is working to heal from the clergy abuse scandal and about the progress that has been made.

    A Catholic Response to Gun Violence

    Front cover of “A Catholic Response to Gun Violence”

    Amidst the ongoing news of mass shootings and gun deaths across the country, the latest edition of Focus explores the issue of gun violence and offers a Catholic response as public policymakers continue to propose and enact gun safety legislation, including here in Michigan. The intention behind this Focus is to demonstrate why gun violence is an issue of public concern, inform Catholics about the Church's stances on gun policies, and to invite Catholics to look at gun violence from the perspective of the Church’s social principles.

    Blueprint for the Common Good

    A Catholic Proposal for Public Policy in Michigan

    Front cover of “Blueprint for the Common Good”

    This edition of FOCUS presents MCC’s latest edition of its Blueprint for the Common Good, which lays out the policies MCC will advocate for during the 2023–2024 legislative session and is comprised of nine advocacy principles that originate from Catholic social teaching and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.