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Empowering parents to direct the education of their children is a key element of sound education policy. Children of all backgrounds deserve a great education which, along with a healthy family life, Michigan Catholic Conference believes is the best path out of poverty. Article VIII, Section II of the Michigan Constitution, which prohibits state aid to nonpublic schools, prevents elected officials from considering effective policies implemented across the nation. High quality schools, both public and nonpublic, should therefore be encouraged by the State. To this end, MCC supports:

  • Reimbursement to nonpublic schools for state mandated, non-instructional services, including policies which protect the health, safety, and well-being of students,
  • Appointment of a state ombudsman within the Michigan Department of Education to ensure equitable participation of the nonpublic school community in federally funded programs,
  • Maximized opportunities of nonpublic school students to participate in comprehensive shared time services,
  • Policies that seek to improve the quality of public education and ensure parental rights within the public school setting,
  • Requirement that all public school districts have open enrollment policies,
  • Protection of nonpublic schools from excessive regulation,
  • Adequate funding for the Michigan Tuition Grant and Tuition Incentive Programs, and
  • Amending Article VIII, Section II of the Michigan Constitution to allow the Michigan Legislature greater flexibility for necessary education reforms.

“We need to provide an education which teaches critical thinking and encourages the development of mature moral values.” — Pope Francis, 11/24/13

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MCC in the News

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Michigan Catholic Conference
(800) 395-5565
(517) 372-3940
510 South Capitol Avenue
Lansing, Michigan 48933
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