Providing for the Poor and Vulnerable

Man has the right to live. He has the right to… food, clothing, shelter, medical care, rest, and, finally, the necessary social services.

Pope St. John XXIII, Peace on Earth

All people must have access to basic human needs to ensure they can live in a dignified manner, with a particular concern for the poor, the vulnerable, and anyone who goes without those basic needs.

Whether through government programs or private social services providers, caring for the poor must be prioritized in setting policy and state budget spending.

To provide for the poor and vulnerable and ensure basic human needs are available for all, MCC supports:

Foundational Documents

News Releases

  1. Catholic Conference Applauds Senate Vote to Protect Poor from Predatory Payday Lending (03/14/24)
  2. MCC Comments on Final Fiscal Year 2022 State Budget (09/29/21)
  3. MCC Urges Michigan House to Pass Legislation that Removes Government Barrier to Marriage (06/07/18)
  4. Tying Homestead Property Tax Credit Increase to Inflation Would Benefit Low-Income Workers, Seniors (10/21/15)
  5. MCC: House Vote to Eliminate EITC ‘Disappointing’ (06/10/15)

Additional Resources

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  4. Catholic Charities of Michigan, Inc
  5. Letter Calling for Greater Attention to Poor and Unemployed in State Budget (Michigan Bishops, 4/2011)
  6. Statement on State of Michigan Budget (Michigan Bishops, 9/2009)
  7. Poverty in Michigan, Grief, Anxiety and Suffering on the Rise (Focus Essay, 3/2008)