Lansing Update

Lansing Update publishes on Fridays when the Michigan Legislature is in session and chronicles legislative activity of interest to Michigan Catholic Conference. Join the Catholic Advocacy Network to receive Lansing Update in your inbox.

    MCC Backed Bills This Week to Help Foster Kids Graduate, Protect Low-Income Families

    A young woman donning her graduation cap.

    MCC supported policies this week that ranged from improving foster care education, to protecting mobile home residents from unjust rent increases, to improving access to driver’s licenses. Plus, gun legislation backed by MCC has now taken effect in Michigan, but work remains to promote awareness of gun safety and prevent the loss of life. Read more in this week’s Lansing Update.

    Help for the Poor, Funding Cuts for Nonpublic Schools Among MCC’s Takeaways on Governor’s Budget

    A man pours a cup of coffee for a man less fortunate than himself.

    In the Governor’s budget announced this week, MCC took note of a number of funding increases for programs that help the most poor and vulnerable, while also expressing concern over cuts to funds nonpublic schools had previously been granted. Read more about the start of the conversation for the next state budget in this week’s Lansing Update.

    A Catholic Response to the Population Problem

    The family is the foundation of society —Vatican II

    The long-awaited report from the state population growth council is out, and MCC commented on what the council did well and what they missed. Read more on the Catholic perspective to the state population problem, as well as other updates on legislation MCC has been working on that became law recently.

    Pro-Family Policies Would Propel Michigan’s Population

    Government leaders must do everything possible to ensure that all can have the minimum spiritual and material means needed to live in dignity and to create and support a family. —Pope Francis

    With public policymakers concerned about Michigan’s lack of population growth, MCC put forth its perspective that policies focused on supporting and growing families are key for long-term population growth in this state. For more on MCC’s advocacy on this issue, plus some resources for getting Advent started off right this Sunday, read this week’s Lansing Update.

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