Lansing Update: May 19, 2006

In this issue of Lansing Update:

  1. Strict Welfare Reform Measures Headed to Senate

Strict Welfare Reform Measures Headed to Senate

This week the House of Representatives sent to the Senate legislation that seeks to enact the most sweeping reforms of the state’s welfare system in nearly a decade. Last year the legislature passed a similar package of bills that sought to create a 48-month time limit along with severe sanctions for non-compliance, but the bills were vetoed by the administration. Legislative leaders in both the House and Senate, however, remain adamant about the need for reform and promised measures on the governor’s desk before the legislature adjourns for the campaign season. Among the provisions included in the legislation passing the House this week include:

Michigan Catholic Conference has dedicated its efforts toward ensuring provisions are available for those who are unable to work after the 48 month limit, as well as softening the 24-month penalty due to its effect on families and children.

House Bill 4309, which is an appropriations supplemental bill, now awaits consideration from the Senate Appropriations Committee.