Lansing Update: Why Prop 3 Allows Abortion on Demand

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Here’s Why Proposal 3 Allows Abortion-on-Demand Throughout Pregnancy

The following is part of a seven-week statewide education campaign to inform Michigan Catholics about Proposal 3 and urge them to vote no on this unlimited expansion to abortion.

As part of that series, Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) will run a seven-part series breaking down the most concerning parts of the proposal. The articles were authored by John Bursch, a constitutional lawyer and former Michigan Solicitor General who represents MCC.

The following is part three of the seven-part series on Proposal 3:

For the past two weeks, we’ve been discussing Proposal 3 (the “Reproductive Freedom for All” proposal), and how it will amend Michigan’s Constitution to create a startling broad right to abortion.

In Week 1, we learned that the proposal’s broad language (giving the right to “every individual”) authorizes a minor to obtain an abortion without parental consent or notice. In Week 2, we learned that the same would be true if a minor sought a sterilization procedure, and that the proposal would also authorize partial-birth abortion.

Proposal 3’s supporters say that the state will still be able to regulate abortion “after fetal viability.” But that is grossly misleading.

The proposal specifically allows abortion through all nine months of pregnancy — notwithstanding any contrary Michigan law — if an abortionist decides, in his professional judgment, that an abortion is necessary to protect the “physical or mental health” of the mother. As a legal matter, such a “mental health” exception is widely acknowledged to be so broad as to justify abortion on demand until birth.

An abortionist need merely document that the prospect of having a child is causing extreme anxiety and stress for the mother. And while Proposal 3 supporters say a judge won’t have to allow such a broad exception, the proposal’s language specifically requires courts to defer to the abortionist’s “professional judgment.”

No matter how a voter feels about abortion, Michigan’s Constitution should not be amended to allow abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy. Please tell everyone you know: vote “NO” on Proposal 3 on November 8th.

John Bursch is a constitutional lawyer and former Michigan Solicitor General. Through Alliance Defending Freedom, he represents the Michigan Catholic Conference and Right to Life of Michigan in court to uphold Michigan’s pro-life laws.

New Video & Graphic Resources Now Available to Assist Prop 3 Education Efforts

Here’s the latest resources available to assist in informing people to vote no on Proposal 3: