The Word from Lansing: Help Your Lawmaker by Urging Them to Oppose the RHA

A concerned-looking pregnant woman sitting on her bed, protectively holding her belly

We know as people of faith that it takes courage to stand for our convictions — particularly for the conviction that all human life has inherent dignity.

Now some of our elected officials need the courage to stand firm in their convictions and oppose the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), and you as a faithful Catholic citizen can help them do that by sending your elected official a message to vote no on the RHA.

This is especially important as Planned Parenthood is pressuring lawmakers to carry out the abortion lobby’s interests over the health and safety of women and their unborn children.

You may already have read in Detroit Catholic about the troubling RHA legislation moving through the Michigan Legislature. In a nutshell, it would wipe away most of Michigan’s pro-life laws that put common-sense limits on abortions.

While the legislation is backed by many in the legislative majority, it was revealed last week that not every single lawmaker in the majority is on board with the RHA.

The bill package advanced from a House committee, but without the support of one pro-choice lawmaker: Rep. Karen Whitsett (D-Detroit), who spoke out against components of the RHA like allowing Medicaid funding for abortion and repealing the 24-hour waiting period before a woman has an abortion.

Without Whitsett, Democrats are one vote short to pass the legislation in the House. In addition to Whitsett, it has been reported that there are other members of the Democratic caucus who have concerns with the RHA.

It is not clear who these lawmakers are, but it is understandable other reluctant lawmakers have not publicly come forward, given what’s happened to Rep. Whitsett since she voted against the package. She has been publicly chastised by Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates. They have accused her of ignoring her constituents, even though Rep. Whitsett has said herself that her position is based on the people she represents.

Rep. Whitsett’s comments about representing her district show that your voice matters to your elected official. Together, faithful Catholics can show their elected officials that they have numerous constituents who think the RHA is a step too far.

With pressure coming from Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby, lawmakers need to be reminded that by opposing the RHA, they are standing on the side of their constituents and Michigan voters who support common sense limits on abortion, which the RHA would repeal.

To send a pre-written message to your lawmaker in seconds, click or tap here. And if you happen to be a constituent of Rep. Whitsett, send her a thank you message and encourage her to stick to her convictions as well.