Bookkeepers’ Cheat Sheet

MCC’s Credit Policy

Effective March 24, 2017, MCC permits a maximum credit for benefit programs of four (4) months of premiums. This is also the industry standard and the maximum credit permitted by MCC’s benefit vendors. All credits will be issued after MCC verifies that the employee did not utilize any services during the period of credit. The MCC Finance Department will handle all appeals to this policy.

Employee Classification

Employee Class Description Benefits Eligible? Unemployment Eligible?
Regular Regularly scheduled to work 5 or more months per calendar year. Yes if full-time;
No if part-time
Temporary Regularly scheduled to work less than 5 months per year. No Yes
Seasonal Works during specific seasons, such as summer or Christmas. No Yes
Contracted Self-Employed, 1099 tax payer. No No

Employment Status

Status Description
Active Actively working, full or part-time. STD and part time retirees
Deceased Use when applicable so that Life and AD&D benefits can be paid.
Leave of Absence Use for employees on Military Leaves only, all other Leaves should remain listed as Active.
Terminated Employee Use this status for employees who are terminated for any reason, including retirement.

Primary/Secondary Employer

When an employee works full-time for more than one unit, the unit with the earlier hire date will be automatically assigned as primary employer and the unit with the more recent hire date will be secondary.

Employee Benefit Eligibility

Benefit Scheduled Hours/Unit(s)
Medical, Dental, and Vision 20 hours per week at one unit
Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Voluntary Life 20 hours per week at one unit
Short-Term Disability, and Long-Term Disability 20 hours per week at one unit
Lay Employees’ Retirement Plan 20 hours per week at one or more units
403(b) Retirement Plan Any number of hours at one unit
Unemployment Any number of hours at one or more units

MCC’s Departments

Employee Benefits
Unit support and employee HW and Wage based benefit related administration.
Property, auto, 3rd party liability, and worker’s compensation related administration.
All money-related reporting and transaction administration.
Information Systems & Services
Monitor systems that manage and support MCC’s administrative functions.
Public Policy
Present the Michigan bishops’ positions on public policy matters to representatives of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of state government.