Administration Introduction

In addition to the multiple roles bookkeepers and business managers have within their own unit, they are also responsible for:

To assist with this, Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) is pleased to share this MCC Procedures Guide with its Bookkeepers and Business Managers. This guide provides additional information in the areas of Bookkeeper Self -Serve (BSS), Unit Changes, Job Aids, New Hire/Newly Eligible Enrollment, and clarifying benefit information. It is intended to work in conjunction with the tools provided on MCC’s website, including the Bookkeepers’ Toolkit. It does not replace MCC’s staff, who continue to provide exceptional personal assistance when needed.

The complete Procedures Guide will be housed on MCC’s website, and MCC will email update-notifications as updates become available. Bookkeepers and Business Managers may print or download the Guide for convenient reference. To avoid misinformation, however, please replace any outdated documents with their newly updated replacements as soon as possible.

Although not subject to ERISA or COBRA, MCC’s benefit plans are subject to the requirements stated in each Plan Document as well as Federal and State laws and regulations. Participating employers are required to abide by them. Plan Documents, and additional information, are available under each specific program listed on MCC’s Benefit Program(s) web-page.

Please note:

Michigan Catholic Conference is deeply committed to supporting the needs of its members. In an ongoing effort to do so, MCC will continue to partner with bookkeepers and business managers to improve dialogue and open communication between the (arch)dioceses, the individual units, and the MCC; to provide quality Service Programs for employees and retirees; and to continue to provide additional tools and services to meet their evolving needs. With deep appreciation and gratitude, we look forward to doing so.

MCC’s Procedures Guide Usage Policy

Access to and use of the Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) Administrative Procedure Manual is a privilege provided solely for the information of parishes, schools and diocesan offices participating in any of the Service Programs offered by the MCC. Printing, copying and distribution information as it originally appears in the MCC Procedures Guide for use outside the scope of the Programs is strictly prohibited.

Any individual or entity using this Administrative Procedures Manual may be referred to as a “User.” Users, by their access to or use of the Administrative Procedures Manual or information contained herein, agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Administrative Procedures Manual Usage Policy.