New Bookkeepers/Business Managers

Bookkeepers/Business Managers are responsible for submitting the following information to MCC for accurate benefit determination and invoice billings.

  • Accurate employee employment data
  • All employee changes, including:
    • Status changes
    • Rate of pay
    • Salary changes
    • Scheduled Hours
    • Position
  • Monthly wages, when applicable
  • Prompt invoice review1 and payment

When a new business manager or bookkeeper is assigned to a unit, he or she must obtain authorization to access to Bookkeeper Self-Serve (BSS).

If the unit is a diocesan unit, then access approval must come through the diocese.

Non-Diocesan units must request access directly with MCC.

Please see the BSS Login Reference page for additional information.

  1. Problems must be communicated to MCC promptly.