MCC’s Unemployment Benefits Plan

Michigan Catholic Conference’s Unemployment Benefits Plan reimburses the State of Michigan (SOM) for any Unemployment claims filed against one of its participating units. All employees who work at a participating unit are eligible for unemployment benefits. This includes full-time, part-time, seasonal and temporary employees.

Each Diocese sets a contribution maximum prior the start of the next fiscal year, and contributions are based on that annual amount. The rates and annual maximums are listed at the bottom of the Wage Based Invoice’s last page. Billing is based on the monthly wages reported for each employee.

As soon as MCC receives notice that an unemployment claim has been filed through the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (MUIA), we notify the former employing unit via email. This initial notification includes the employee’s name, the due date for the unit’s response, and an MUIA Request for Information form.

Regardless of whether the unit is disputing the claim or not, MCC requires that the Request for Information form be completed and returned to the MCC, not the UIA. If a unit mistakenly sends the response directly to the UIA, please forward a copy to the MCC for its records. The Request for Information form is also available in the Bookkeepers’ Toolkit portion of our website.

If the unit does not wish to dispute the claim, then please state “NOT CONTESTING” at the top of the form. If disputing, however, please complete the form as completely as possible, entering “N/A” only when necessary, and provide all documentation and additional information that support your dispute.

Please note: If the indicated employee did not file the claim, please contact the MCC immediately.