Unit or Benefit Changes

New Units

New employers wishing to participate with MCC’s Benefit Programs must first submit the following information for MCC Board approval.

Once approved, MCC will work with the unit to ensure smooth data transferal, administrative access and employee enrollment.

Merged Units

Each Diocese is responsible for notifying MCC, in writing, that two or more of its units will be merging along with the effective date of the merger.

If one unit is absorbing another unit and there is no change in its Federal Tax Identification Number, the old (merging) unit must terminate its employees in its payroll system under their old unit number and must hire them under their new unit number.

When an entirely new unit is formed, and a new Federal Tax ID is used, a new unit number will be assigned and all the old (merging) units must terminate their employees under their old unit numbers and rehire them under the newly assigned unit number.

Closed Units

When a unit closes, all employees must be terminated in its payroll system. However, please note, invoicing will continue until a zero balance is reached. If wage-based benefits are part of the closing unit’s offerings, invoices will continue for at least two months.

Adding or Removing Benefit Offerings

When a unit wants to add, or remove, benefits to its benefit package, MCC must receive that request on a Change Request Form, signed by the unit’s decision maker. Change requests received prior to April 30 will become effective at the start of the Fiscal Year, July 1. Change requests received after May 1, but prior to September 1, will be included in the Open Enrollment period with a Calendar Year effective date, January 1.