Volunteers: A Guideline to Allowable Duties

Volunteers support the operations of our churches, schools, and social service agencies. These services are invaluable to us. The diversified expertise being shared provides information and knowledge upon which we base our directive decisions.

The ultimate decision shall include the necessary supervision by the pastor, principal or administrator. The activities shall be within the recognized canons and ideals of the Roman Catholic Church. Conduct not in accord with church teaching is unacceptable.

Services, tasks, or projects that present a risk of bodily injury or property damage should not be carried out by volunteers. It is not reasonable for us to allow volunteers to subject themselves to harm. Additionally, if a project is not completed properly, there would be no recourse as there would be against a contractor with the applicable expertise and appropriate insurance coverage.

Some examples of services, tasks, or projects not allowed by volunteers include:

This listing does not identify all possible services that should not be performed by volunteers. Discretion should be used to protect our parishioners from subjecting themselves to harm in the name of volunteerism.