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    Learn How to Talk About Prop 3

    Proposal 3—Equipping for Life Statewide Webinar. September 29th from 7–8:30 pm.

    The first week of a seven-week campaign to educate about Proposal 3 details how children would be able to obtain abortions without parental consent. Plus an opportunity to learn how to talk about Proposal 3, as well as a call to action to oppose concerning federal rules threatening conscience protections for Catholic health providers.

    Fighting Like Heaven Against Proposal 3

    Fight Like Heaven. Pray / Fast / Alms. Vote NO on Proposal 3 Extreme Abortion Ballot Initiative.

    This week, equip yourself with resources to help defeat Proposal 3, including a new MCC column and the latest video ad from the campaign. Plus, join the effort to Fight Like Heaven and pray and fast for 54 days leading up to Election Day. For more, read

    Abortion Amendment off Ballot…for Now

    The home of the Michigan Supreme Court

    The abortion amendment is off the ballot for now, but the Michigan Supreme Court will have the final say over whether the extreme proposal makes the ballot. If it does, the campaign to oppose it has already released its first TV ad calling attention to the mistakes in the proposal. Watch the ad and read more news

    Challenge Filed Against Abortion Proposal

    A worn illustration of a white hand inside a red circle with the words Stop Abortion underneath.

    A challenge filed against the proposed abortion amendment flags numerous errors in the text and argues the proposal shouldn't be put permanently in the constitution. Plus, the CEO of MCC joins with the head of a statewide small business association to promote the expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit.

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